My summer working for central government

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Corina Sehmar was a GCS intern this summer and shares her story here.

When I first saw the advert for the Government Communication Service (GCS)internship, I almost didn’t apply. I thought that there’d be so many applicants, how on earth would I get in? However, I went on to submit an application, and a telephone interview later, I had secured a place on my dream internship scheme!

What is the Government Communication Service Internship?

GCS is the professional body for people working in communication roles across the government. The internship scheme provides university students/apprentices the opportunity to work and learn from a range of governmental departments and their communication teams.

I was placed in the Cabinet Office’s GCS Local Midlands team; this is a low cost/ no cost campaigns team that’s responsible for turning national governmental campaigns into regional local ones. As a proud ‘midlander’, I was excited to be working with the Midlands team; I was excited to contribute my local knowledge.

My internship so far


I was immediately immersed into activities from the very start of my internship. I’ve led on a range of campaigns for the Midlands, including Knifefree, Great British High Street and Get in Go Far. For these campaigns, I created and posted social media content, liaised with stakeholders to support campaigns, attended events in order to collect case study content and evaluated the success of campaigns.

I also participated in an intern group project, where we were tasked with promoting the GCS internship to internal audiences. This project was a great opportunity to get to know the other interns, and we presented our work to a panel of senior civil servants, including the Director of Communications Alex Aiken. It’s crazy how much I’ve been involved with in only eight weeks, but I’ve loved every second of it and have even attended training events in London to help with my professional development.

Skills I’ve further developed from my internship


The internship has given me a range of skills, such as copywriting, social media and video editing. However, one of the most important skills I’ve gained from this internship is evaluation. No matter the type of communication job, there will always be some form of evaluation or success measuring; therefore, learning how to do this effectively, is something I am so grateful to have learned.



What’s next…


On finishing my internship, I returned back to university for my final year of study.  I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone and how much I’ve gained from it. It’s opened my eyes to a career in government communications and provided me with the skills to make this happen. I would highly recommend the GCS internship to any eligible student, and for anybody seeking any kind of internship, never let your self-doubt get in the way of applying!


On completing this internship, Corina secured a part time job working in the Cabinet Office Midlands team alongside her studies.

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