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By Anthony Olabode Ayodele (Chart.PR)

We all knew it would only be a matter of time before humanoids– human like robotic devices – become mainstream. What we may not have envisaged, however, is the thought to make humans more robotic!

Digitally wired humans may not be as far-fetched a possibility. Via technology and reliance on the Internet of Things (IOT) the idea is being pushed to connect ‘everybody to everything’. That means our physical bodies will be digitally linked/connected with the aid of Biometric ID’s to our phones, among other devices.

Advantages include having a unique digital identity like a passport, capable, of being used to prevent identity fraud. A main danger though is abuse! Those in power exploiting the rights of others. Examples of such abound.

But how will they gain control?

Today, people can hardly do without their phones and digital cards such as Bank cards. Chips attached to these enable their whereabouts to be tracked on a computer system. Biometric ID’s, will see the subdermal implantation of such chips under the skin. With a Biometric ID humans become trackable like devices, as the implanted chip becomes inseparable to the person.

It’s like the mail infra-red trackable parcels; enabling the tracking of the location of your parcel. Or like police digital tags put on the legs of criminals! This means less freedom. With this some could be denied access to buildings. Others could be denied the opportunity to shop or, access to money, while, in a worst-case scenario, some can be denied adequate food.

It will no longer be a society where work, education and skills are main determinants to who gets what and when. Everything will be controlled digitally, suggesting there will always be a centralised command and control centre.

Though it remains optional, with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, calls for digital backed vaccines that can prevent the virus, by digitally detecting fever, could see a drive to push it further. Those with a fever, they claim, via facial identity, would be denied access to buildings. There are even suggestions, to eliminate paper money and bank cards, with the claim that they spread Coronavirus!

And the abuse? In the rush to implement such we are seeing signs. Rationed food is unevenly distributed, seeing some left hungry. Digital money has to be authorised. It can’t just be earned based on effort and labour. NHS patients are turned back and asked to self-isolate. As digital, trackable entities, they won’t have the option to seek medical care elsewhere.

5G Network is only a culprit because it incorporates subdermal implants that incorporate Biometric ID’s making humans digitally trackable. This will see a micro-speaker implanted under the skin. Who says it can’t be used to monitor users off phone conversations? Biometric ID’s haven’t become widespread yet, but we are seeing Indians via Aadhaar sprayed on the streets in a bid of authorities to control them. Even Britain’s Universal Credit scheme which assigns a unique number to users has seen many unenlightened and non-suspecting beneficiaries denied payment and rendered homeless, to create ‘voids’ as they fall victims to trackable central control.

So, if vaccines due to the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus and subdermal implants to enable the use of 5G network are what fast-tracks the usage of Biometric IDs, those feeling both are tools giving leaders an unethical advantage may not be fear mongers after all. This makes the claim in the 2018 Chinese film ‘My Secret Terrius’ that Coronavirus is a man-made disease that could be commercially taken advantage of via the creation of a vaccine, not too hard to believe!

Only those who have never been subject to undesired control or who feel they live on a planet with no foes or enemies would support yielding more control in a world where infringement of rights and abuse remains the order of the day.

Ethical? Maybe in a world which is no longer subject to any form of abuse. Not now.

Anthony Olabode Ayodele (Chart .PR) is a Chartered PR Practitioner and TU Delft trained Certified Problem Solving Consultant. He just completed a course in Financial Technology (FinTech) offered by Hong Kong University further qualifying him as a Chartered Fintech Certified Professional (CHFP), He is the Founder/CEO of Ideas Concepts and Products (ICP Media) and a member of the CIPR Education and Skills Sector Committee.

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